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Council Tax Support

Changing our council tax support scheme – proposals for the 2017/18 financial year

The existing scheme has been in place, with some minor changes, for four years. We are required to review our localised system each year, to make sure that it is retaining the elements required of us by central government, i.e. to encourage people of working age to return to work, and to ensure that we are offering the maximum amount of support that we can afford.

An extensive review of council tax support has taken place, ahead of a revised scheme being implemented in the 2017/18 financial year.

All other local authorities in Kent have been asked to undertake a comprehensive review of their scheme so that the money available to fund the services that are provided to you by all public serving organisations stretches further.

We held a consultation that ran from 6 June to 29 August 2016. We wrote to all affected claimants, and produced the documents below to assist everyone (claimants and non-claimants) to give an informed response to our proposals.

Output report

The results of the consultation are now available. We have produced an output report that shows you how many responses we received and how everyone answered.

It is important that you see this information because it is the same information that councillors will see when they make their recommendations for the 2017-18 scheme.

Cabinet members met in December to discuss the outcome of the report.


Council tax support was set up when council tax benefit was abolished in 2013. This was part of the welfare reform changes introduced by the government to support individuals and families who need financial help most and encourage people to get back into work.

It is a localised system that reduces the amount of council tax charged for those whose combined income, savings and investments fall below a certain level.

Our existing scheme is as fair as possible, upholding the principles of the government's welfare reforms while offering greater support to those who will find that returning to work is more challenging (such as disabled claimants).

Under council tax support, some people have had to pay a contribution towards their council tax for the first time.

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