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Committees: Ashford Borough Council


Council ChamberMost council decisions are made by committees of elected members which meet regularly.

Major policy decisions are taken by the Cabinet, which is made up of the council Leader and nine Cabinet members. The Cabinet is appointed by the Leader of the council. Each member of the Cabinet has their own special responsibility, or portfolio.

The Cabinet has to make decisions which are in line with the council's overall policies and budget. If it wishes to make a decision which is outside the budget or policy framework then it must be referred to the full council to decide.

The public are welcome to attend the following meetings:

You can also....

Ashford Health and Wellbeing Board

The Ashford Health and Wellbeing Board is a sub-committee of the Kent Health & Wellbeing Board. You can read all about its work by clicking on the above link.

Trading and Enterprise Board (Committee of the Cabinet) (TEB)

The Trading and Enterprise Board (TEB) is a Committee of the Cabinet.  You can read all about its work by clicking on the above link.


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