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Discounts and Exemptions

The full council tax bill is worked out on the assumption that there are two adults over 18 years of age in a dwelling. If this is not the case then the following may apply:

  1. Single person discount, empty unfurnished properties, properties in need of (or undergoing) major structural repair work, disabled band reduction, annexes occupied by a relative or used as part of the main residence. Find out more about discounts
  2. Occupants may be disregarded for the purposes of council tax. Find out more about discounts and disregards
  3. Property may be exempt from council tax. Find out more about exemption classes

Empty homes review 2017

If you have received a letter requesting you to confirm whether your property remains empty and unfurnished, please email emptyhomesreview2017@ashford.gov.uk. Please note that this email address is only for providing confirmation and will not be replied to, so please do not use if for any other query.

If you wish to advise us of a change of circumstances for the property, for example it has become furnished, please complete the change of circumstances form. Alternatively, if you are no longer liable for the property please complete the change of address form.

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