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Dog Warden Service: Ashford Borough Council

Dog Warden Service

Report it stamp. Grunge effect circular blue stamp with 'Report it!' in burnt orange across the middle and 'working together to make the borough a better place' in grey in a circle inside the stamp.Ashford Borough Council has a statutory duty to deal with stray dogs. We have a dedicated dog warden service, responsible for:

  • Investigating dog control issues such as straying and fouling
  • Offering advice on responsible dog ownership
  • Free microchipping which can be undertaken in your own home. Find out more about why all dogs have to be micro-chipped
  • On 6 April 2016, a new government law on compulsory microchipping dogs came into force. We have ensured our dog warden is fully equipped with the training and experience to microchip dogs. The microchips are available to us from the Dogs Trust, enabling Ashford dog owners to use this service for free. Failure to have your dog microchipped could result in a £500 fine

Police deal with:

  • Dangerous dogs (Dangerous Dogs Act 1991)
  • Dogs attacks on humans in cases where skin is broken
  • Dogs straying onto the motorway
  • Dogs dangerously out of control in a public place i.e. acting aggressively or running loose in public areas where they may cause accident or injury

Dog on dog attacks are a civil matter.

Please do not allow your dog to roam free in public places, as we will seize stray dogs or collect them from members of the public who have detained them.

The dog warden service will collect stray dogs between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and take them to the council's nominated kennel. The owner of the dog will then have to pay the government set fee, plus the cost of kennelling for the dog to be returned. In cases where the dog needs urgent veterinary treatment the costs will also be passed on to the owner.  If the dog is not claimed within seven full days from the time it is kennelled, the dog will be made available for re-homing.

To report a stray or found dog, or to report a lost dog, telephone 01233 330340 or complete our dog reporting form. You can also use this form to report dog fouling.

If you have found a dog outside normal working hours and are unable to keep it until the next working day, please call 01233 629911 and you will be advised on where you can take it.

If you have found a dog and are able to keep hold of it until the next working day please fill out our dog reporting form and we will contact you to arrange collection.

Dog Warden charges

Item Description Current charges VAT Total charge
Dog Fouling Fixed penalty charge for failing to pick up after your dog £50.00   £50.00
Stray Dogs Statutory fee for dog found unaccompanied £25.00 £0.00 £25.00
Kennelling Costs Per 24 hour period, day one due on admission day £10.00 £0.00 £10.00
Out of hours pick up of strays Between 5pm - 8am weekdays and 5pm Friday - 8am Mondays £40.00 £0.00 £40.00
Administration Charge Office hours £15.00 £0.00 £15.00
Veterinary Treatment As required Cost Recovery    
Microchipping for 1 dog   Free of Charge    

You can also register your lost or stolen dog with Dog Lost.

 Dog fouling

We provide enforcement and education services in respect of dog fouling issues. In all instances where evidence is obtained formal action may result, including the issue of on the spot fines (Fixed Penalty Notices) for breaching the Ashford Borough Council (Dog Fouling) Order 1997 [pdf] 97KB.

The dog warden service is not responsible for emptying dog waste bins, as this is managed by our street cleansing service. Email streetscene@ashford.gov.uk to report a dog waste bin to be emptied.

Dog microchipping

Did you know the laws have changed?

  • By law all dogs must be microchipped from the age of 8 weeks. If your dog does not have a microchip, or your details are not recorded on an approved database, you may be served a 21 day notice. Failing to comply could see a fine of up to £500
  • Also by law all dogs must wear a collar and tag, with their owner’s name, address and telephone number on
  • A microchip is a very small electronic device, which is coded with a unique number that can be read by a scanner and entered into a central database. If your dog strays, the local authority, vet or animal welfare organisation will be able to scan your dog and contact the database to trace ownership. You can then be reunited with your dog
  • Remember to update the microchipping company if you move address or change telephone numbers
  • Ashford Borough Council’s dog warden is currently offering a free microchipping service


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