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Downs North Sites 2013: Ashford Borough Council

Downs North Sites 2013

Site submission summary list for Downs North Ward: Downs North summary May 2014 [pdf] 54KB

Maps of submitted sites:

Chilham: Chilham [pdf] 204KB

Molash: Molash [pdf] 71KB

Old Wives Lees: Old Wives Lees [pdf] 153KB

Full submission details for sites submitted in Downs North:

DN1 [pdf] 679KB - Land between Cobbs Hill and Long Hill, Chilham

DN2 [pdf] 676KB - Land at Harvest House, Chilham

DN3 [pdf] 677KB - Ashford Road Service Station, Chilham

DN4 [pdf] 877KB - Land at Mulberry Hill, Chilham

DN5 [pdf] 552KB - Noveis, Chilham

DN6 [pdf] 271KB - Land adjacent to Pound Lane Cottages, Molash

DN7 [pdf] 126KB - Land at Church Lane, Molash

Informal submissions:

DN12 [pdf] 598KB - The Avenue Field, Chilham

DN13 [pdf] 599KB - Land Between Bagham Road, Arden Grange and Recreation Ground, Chilham

DN29 [pdf] 997KB - Land at 1-5 The Oast House, Old Wives Lees

DN30 [pdf] 718KB - Land between Long Hill & Hawkin's Rough (Cork Farm) Old Wives Lees

DN31 [pdf] 1MB - Land adjacent Tollgate Cottage, Maidstone Road, Chilham

DN32 [pdf] 355KB - Land adjacent to Pound Lane, Molash

Please note that these sites are NOT being proposed by the Council. They have been submitted for consideration by landowners/agents for allocation in the Local Plan.
Information contained in these forms has been completed by landowners or agents, and has not been checked for accuracy. All information contained within the forms will be checked by the Council and the sites assessed for their suitability for development through the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) process.




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