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Current By-elections

Little Chart Parish Council - 24 August 2017

Previous elections and referendums

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Who is my elected representative?


Parliamentary elections are usually held every five years. The last election was in 2017.

The MP for Ashford is Mr Damian Green.

If you are a resident of the Saxon Shore Ward your MP is Mr Damian Collins (MP for Folkestone and Hythe).

Borough Councillors

Elections for the borough council take place every four years. The last election was in 2015.

Find out who your borough councillor is.

Kent County Councillors

Kent County Council elections take place every four years. The last election was held in 2017. 

Find out who your Kent county councillors are.


European Parliamentary elections take place every five years. The last election was in 2014.

Find out who your MEPs are.

Police and Crime Commissioner

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections take place every four years. The last election was in 2016.

Find out more about your PCC

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