Emergency telephone 6pm–8am: 01233 629 911

Hairdressing: Ashford Borough Council


If you operate as a hairdresser within the borough of Ashford you must be registered. There is no fee but a registration form [pdf] 34KB must be completed.

The purpose of the registration is to ensure the following:

  • the premises is suitable
  • that controls are in place in relation to protecting against contamination or infection
  • ensuring appropriate health and safety standards are in place
  • to require insurance to be in place against third party liabilities

Further information

Freelance Hair and Beauty Federation

Guild of Hairdressers

National Hairdressers' Federation

Habia Dermatitis Booklet [pdf] 13MB

HSE Hairdressing Guidance 

If you have any queries contact environmental health envhealth@ashford.gov.uk.


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