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Tenancy Strategy

Ashford Borough Council has changed the way it awards new tenancy agreements for social housing.

This will enable the council to assess tenants’ needs regularly and free up properties for those in greatest need.

The strategy is in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and was developed following common principles that were developed Kent wide. It has introduced five-year fixed-term tenancies from 1 October 2012, instead of lifetime agreements, for new tenants.

This means that the council will be able to review each household’s needs after five years, to see if their tenancy should be renewed or if the household should instead seek private sector housing.

View the Tenancy Strategy [pdf] 107KB

The document sets out the tenancy types that will be offered to new tenants which are as follows:

Secure lifetime tenancies for:

  • Older people over the age of 55 who are being offered accommodation designated for older people or who are unlikely to move again within social or affordable accommodation
  • Households who may have an enduring vulnerability such as a long term health condition
  • Existing tenants already on a secure lifetime tenancy where they are moving to alternative accommodation

Five-year fixed-term tenancies for:

  • Families with children of school age or younger
  • Single and couple households under the age of 55
  • Households with a disabled member
  • Older people over the age of 55 moving to general needs accommodation

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