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Ashford Borough Tenants' Panel

The tenants' panel works for you

Ashford Tenants' Panel is a group of Ashford Borough Council tenants who are willing to challenge performance, monitor and scrutinise policies and procedures, and help shape the housing.tp

The panel is appointed using a formal interview process, and they have received training to make sure they can continue the great work of the previous panel.


The main role of the panel is to look in depth at housing policies and to make recommendations on potential improvements to the housing service

Pilot scrutiny - Tenant improvements

Their first scrutiny involved looking at how the council handled tenant improvements, gathering evidence from tenants and officers, reviewing and analysing this information, and finally presenting a report to managers and councillors which will set out a number of recommendations for possible improvements to the existing service.

View the Tenants Improvement Report [docx] 111KB.

Panel members attended taster days and received training before starting this work. They met with the relevant section heads, who provided an overview of the current arrangements. They then emailed over 400 tenants to ask them to share their experiences. The next step was to interview area managers at a 'speed dating' style event which gave the panel an insight in to how tenant improvements are dealt with 'on the ground'.

Second scrutiny - Tenants Handbook

The panel reviewed the original handbook, then did a survey of tenants' views and held discussions with staff about what was needed to update and improve it. They did a presentation to the Ashford District Partnership Board which represents carers and people with learning difficulties and then worked with them to find out what they felt was most important in making the handbook accessible to everyone.

As a result of this research they produced a smart new Tenant's Handbook that was much clearer and easier to read and hopefully will help tenants to keep all of their important contacts and useful property information in one place.

Want to join the tenants panel?

If you would like to have a positive impact shaping council services and think you've got what it takes to join the Tenants Panel, why not read more below, or email Anthony to find out more.pic

What do we want from you?
  • A desire to make things better
  • An interest in your community
  • A wish to help improve the housing service
  • Being willing to give up a few hours of your time each month
What can you expect in return?
  • Free training - with the potential to improve your CV
  • Travel and childcare expenses
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are helping to improve things for your neighbours and community


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