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How to Get Involved

A guide to involvement opportunities for Ashford Borough Council Tenants and Leaseholders.

It's simple! 

If you use the housing service we want to know if its working, if not we want you to tell us how we can make it better

Beneath is all the ways you can be involved, to help you with the guide we will explain how long each task would take on average and skills we think you may need.tp

Skills key:

One      Able to work with others in a group

Two      Able to work on your own

Three   Able to complete a form or report

Four     Able to work with Ashford Borough Council in a constructive and professional way

Five     Able to follow instructions and/or a brief

Get involved the best way for you!

Ashford Tenants' Scrutiny Panel

The tenants' scrutiny panel is a group of confident, constructive, and socially aware tenants who are committed to making a difference. The panel investigates specific aspects of the housing service and recommends improvements direct to councillors.

Time commitment  - Two days a month

Skills - One, two, three, and four

Focus groups

Focus groups are one off gatherings where tenants are asked to think in detail about a particular set of questions as part of a consultation process involving a range of methods including surveys which help shape and develop the housing service.

Time commitment - One hour periodically

Skills - One and four

Sheltered Forum

Representatives from the sheltered schemes in the borough discuss neighbourhood and scheme concerns and address any health and safety issues. This group also helps raise community spirit within and amongst the sheltered schemes.

Time commitment - Twice a year

Skills - One and four

Satisfaction surveys

Customer surveys are a simple yet effective way for tenants to be involved. For example we may ask about a recent repair and you can tell us how this worked for you.

Time commitment - Not applicable

Skills - Two and three


There are times when we need to consult with you. for example if we are making changes to the service. This will usually be by email, phone, letter or face to face interview.

Time commitment - Not applicable

Skills - Three

Tell Us email groupcommunity

Tell Us is an informal involvement method requiring access to an email address. Members are asked to read and comment on draft policies and information, respond to questions and receive information on topical issues.

Time commitment - Dependant on activity

Skills - Three and five

Tenants complaints panel

If a tenant makes a complaint about the service they receive and  is dissatisfied with the  way it is handled, they can have their case referred to the tents complaints panel. Complaints panel members are trained to carry out this role in a professional and confidential way.

Time commitment - Three hours per year

Skills - One, four and five

Leaseholders forum

All our leaseholders are consulted with by letter and via the Housing News. We have a leaseholders Facebook page, which can be accessed at www.facebook.com/abcleaseholders.

Time commitment - Not applicable

Skills - Three

Community events

From time to time we will work with partners such as the police, children's centres, churches, and community groups to arrange events such as family days, 'chips and chat', or dog chipping. These are opportunities to raise concerns about your neighbourhood.

Time commitment - Not applicable

Skills - Not applicable

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