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Our Strategic Approach to Housing

It is vital that the council has a strategy in place to work out what our priorities are regarding housing in the borough, both now and in the future.

We have to consider things such as:

  • Delivering affordable housing
  • Supporting vulnerable people so that they can live as independently as they wish
  • Making the best use of homes
  • Preventing and reducing homelessness
  • Assisting landlords in the private sector to provide good quality accommodation
  • Improving the sustainability of housing in the borough

Working in partnership with other organisations is critical to achieving high-quality housing and housing-related services for residents of the borough.


Housing Framework 2013-2018

This document provides the direction of travel for housing services; establishing our key priorities and setting out how we are going to achieve them.

Following consultation the Housing Framework was adopted by the council in July 2013.

Download Housing Framework_Adopted July 2013 [pdf] 5027KB.

Housing Framework 2013-18 Annual Reports

The Housing Framework 2013-18 Annual reports provide an update of the work that is ongoing to deliver the five priorities of the Housing framework.

Housing Framework 2013-2018 Consultation

We have consulted with residents and local stakeholders with an interest in housing issues in the borough. We have taken into account the feedback we have received. When it has been agreed, the Ashford Housing Framework 2013-2018 will be the main strategic housing document that will set out the council’s housing priorities. It will look at how we will address housing and housing-related issues in the borough over the next five years.

The public consultation for the draft housing framework closed on 5 March 2013.

Download the Consultation Response Report 2013 [pdf] 227KB.

Review of Housing Strategy 2008-2011

To see our achievements during the lifetime of the last Housing Strategy download the Housing Strategy Handout 2010 [pdf] 2705KB.

Download Housing Strategy 2008-2011 Presentation [pdf] 1760KB.

Homelessness Review and Homelessness Strategy 2016

The Homelessness Strategy sets out our vision to reduce and prevent homelessness in the borough and establishes our key priorities and how we are going to achieve them. The strategy was informed by a review of homelessness and consultation with partners, stakeholders, service users and residents. The council adopted the Homelessness Strategy in October 2016.

The Homelessness Strategy was adopted prior to the enactment of the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 in April. We are considering how best to apply the requirements of the Homelessness Reduction Act before the anticipated implementation in Spring 2018. Further to this we will review our Homelessness Strategy to ensure our priorities are structured to continue to ensure the prevention of homelessness is at the forefront of our work and in accordance with the new legislation within the Homelessness Reduction Act.

Other useful publications

Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2010

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2010 [pdf] 2995KB forms part of the evidence base to support housing and planning policies. It informs the size, type and tenure of homes we should be looking to provide in the borough in the future.

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment was update in 2014. The final report can be found under Planning and Building Control, Local Plan to 2030.

Housing Needs Survey 2010

This study considers affordability of homes in the borough, exactly who lives in our borough, how our population is made up and how much people in the borough earn. Looking into this detail enables us to estimate the number of affordable homes needed to meet local housing needs.

Download the Housing Needs Survey [pdf] 465KB.

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