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Employment and Volunteering

Employment advice

As part of our service our housing options officers can provide you with basic employment advice and refer or signpost you to organisations that can help you to gain employment.

If you have previously been in the armed forces, you may be referred to Royal British Legion Industries' (RBLI) lifeworks scheme or you can contact them directly by email.

Referrals on your behalf could also be made to TBG Learning who can help you with back to work skills or to the National Careers Service.

Volunteering opportunities

Voluntary work can be anything from being a good neighbour, to working with charities or other non-profit making organisations and provides you with opportunities to develop your skills and explore other interests while boosting your skills and your CV and letting employers know that you are able to show commitment.

Our housing options officers may discuss making a referral to the Volunteer Centre on your behalf with you or you may want to contact them directly by email .

Other ways to find out about voluntary work that you can do are to:

  • Look in the local library
  • Log on to the internet, most libraries now provide a free internet access service
  • Check community centre notice boards
  • Read local newspapers
  • Listen to local radio
  • Ask friends and family

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