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ABC Lettings FAQs

Mark Botting answers your questions





Why should I choose ABC Lettings?

We have been creating and supporting tenancies in the private sector for many years.
As we are not motivated by profit our fees are lower than high street agencies. We have a clear, transparent and fair fee structure with no hidden costs.

Who will be moving into my property?

ABC Lettings was set up to offer accommodation to tenants who have approached the council for housing. Many of the families who approach us can afford the rent but not the fees charged by high street agents. As the landlord, you can specify the type of tenant you would prefer or indeed meet them prior to signing the tenancy.

Who pays me the rent – you or the tenant?

ABC Lettings pays you monthly and in advance so your rent is guaranteed.

What happens if the tenant causes damage?

ABC Lettings carries out a minimum of four property inspections a year and we rarely come across damage. However, during an inspection should we identify any damage we will instruct the tenant what action needs to be taken and monitor to resolve it. At the end of the tenancy we will pay up to one month’s rent towards any dilapidations. 

What happens if the tenant has anti-social behaviour

ABC Lettings has a procedure for dealing with anti-social behaviour. We also have a close working relationship with the police and other agencies who will work with the family to resolve anti-social behaviour.

What happens if I am unhappy about who may be in my property – do I have any say?

Of course, most landlords prefer a hands-off approach, although as the landlord, you can specify the type of tenant you would prefer or indeed meet them prior to signing the tenancy.

With regards to the above questions, what is the process for managing the tenant and, if it’s necessary, eviction?

If the tenant continually breeches their tenancy agreement and despite our best efforts the tenancy is no longer sustainable we would serve the relevant notice and seek possession at no extra cost. You would continue to receive rent until possession is granted.

How long would that all take?

It very much depends on the reason the notice was served. Usually the process takes 3-4 months during which time we would continue to manage the tenancy and pay the rent.

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