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Home Repairs Plus

We offer a repair service for Ashford Borough Council tenants who live in designated accommodation for older people, all other council tenants over 60 years of age and council tenants who are in receipt of disability living allowance.

Work undertaken by this service is intended to be of a minor nature and able to be completed within a two-hour period. The service is provided entirely free of labour costs including consumables such as fixings, standard fitment bulbs and sealants. However our tenants are required to supply cat/dog flaps, additional locks or any other personal fixture as detailed.

Services can be requested online using report a repair or by contacting our housing repairs team by phone on 0300 003 0711.

Jobs undertaken by the home repairs plus service
No. Description of job
 1. Changing plug fuses/rewire plugs
 2. Pull out, clean behind and around cookers/washing machines or other heavy machinery and refit afterwards
 3. Clear gutters – bungalows only (single storey)
 4. Cut back overgrown vegetation if affecting access to property (Health & Safety) and bag up for refuse collection (One off and only small areas)
 5. Extend, reposition or fit additional telephone points
 6. Fit tenant's own cabinet and/or bathroom fittings
 7. Fit carpet bars and/or refix loose carpet
 8. Fit tenant's own cat or dog flap
 9. Supply and fit rubber door stop
10. Fit tenant's own key safe
11. Supply and fit door viewer and/or chain
12. Repair and refit airing cupboard slats/shelving
13. Supply and fit hasp and staple/pad bolt to enable use of tenant's own padlock
14. Fit tenant's own post basket to rear of front door
15. Fit tenant's own rotary dryer
16. Fit tenant's own shower curtain or rail
17. Fit tenant's own water butt
18. Fit tenant's own picture/mirror to wall
19. Move furniture - only items that can be moved by lone operative
20. Connect washing machine to existing services and electricity connections
21. Fit tenant's own shelves
22. Re-fix door handles/knobs
23. Re-fix loose wallpaper and trims
24. Hang tenant's own wallpaper to localised areas (typically to repair damaged areas)
25. Paint localised areas using tenant's own paint (typically to repair damaged areas)
26. Wash down and treat affected areas with fungicide and/or stain block
27. Wash down PVCu facia/trim - bungalows only (single storey)
28. Re-hang and /or ease and adjust internal door
29. Paint a prepared internal/external door using tenant's own paint
30. Renew sealant to bath, sink or basin
31. Minor fencing repair
32. Re-fix toilet seat
33. Supply & fit new toilet seat
34. Supply and fit replacement light bulb (any size)
35. Supply and fit replacement 2D bulb
36. Supply and fit replacement fluorescent tube (any size)
37. Supply and fit replacement line to existing washing posts
38. Setup tenant's own TV/DVD/Video
39. Fit tenant's own blinds or curtain rail/rod
40. Clean tenant's own vertical or venetian blinds
41. Treat ant infestation
42. Fit tenant's own battery operated smoke alarm
43. Fit tenant's own battery powered or cordless door bell
44. Assemble tenant's own flat pack furniture


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