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New Local Plan to 2030

Local Plan 2030 'Main Changes' public consultation

This consultation has now closed and we can no longer accept comments. 

Viewing comments made 

The representations received during the ‘Main Changes’ consultation are currently being assessed and will be formally responded to by the council. A decision will then be taken by Ashford Borough Council on whether any further changes need to be made to the draft plan.

All comments are now available to view. However, comments cannot be made on these representations as there is no open consultation and these cannot be recorded.

For help on locating and viewing comments, download guidance notes for locating and viewing representations [pdf] 350KB. 

What is the 'Main Changes' consultation?

Ashford Borough Council are preparing a new Local Plan to 2030. It is being prepared with the aim of ensuring that future development within Ashford is well planned and managed effectively whilst having a positive impact on local communities, the economy and the environment. The new Local Plan will provide a consistent approach to planning into the future across the whole of the borough. Once adopted, the Local Plan 2030 will form the statutory development plan. A draft of the Plan was formally published and made available for consultation during the summer of 2016.

Ashford Borough Council then consulted upon a series of Proposed 'Main Changes' to that Publication Draft of the Local Plan in the summer of 2017. These changes are intended to:

  • Resolve issues that were raised during public consultation on the previous draft of the Plan;
    meet the increased housing need requirements identified through an update of national population projections;
  • Ensure that the Plan is up to date; and
  • Make sure that it meets the requirements of current national planning policy and guidance.
  • It is considered appropriate to address these issues before the Local Plan 2030 is submitted to the Secretary of State to be examined by an Independent Planning Inspector.

What happens next? 

Local Plan 2030 submission to the Secretary of State is expected in late 2017. If you have made comments, at either stage of public consultation, you will be kept informed of the next stages of the process. 

What is a 'Main Change'?

'Main Changes' are changes to policies, maps and supporting paragraphs which are significant in nature and which represent a fundamental change to the way in which the policy could be interpreted. There are a number of 'Main Changes' that are completely new topic or site policies. It is therefore important that interested parties are given an opportunity to consider and respond to these changes. 'Main Changes' which are edits to 2016 Local Plan text are shown underlined for new text and deletions are struck through.

If required, hard copies of the Schedule of Proposed 'Main Changes' can be purchased from Ashford Borough Council at a cost of £5 plus £3 post and packaging. Please note that copies will be printed on demand and therefore notice will be required before copies may be collected in person.

Who can I speak to further with regard to these 'Main Changes' proposal to the local plan?

Any member of the Planning Policy team at Ashford Borough Council will be able to provide further assistance regarding the content of the Local Plan and 'Main Changes'.

For further information on the Local Plan or to discuss the consultation process please contact us. You can telephone 01233 330229 or email the Planning Policy Team.

Next stages: Examination in public

Following the consultation stages outlined at the top of the page, the next stage in the process would be for ABC to submit the final draft of the Local Plan to the Secretary of State and Planning Inspectorate, which will commence the Examination in Public (EIP) process. This 'submission stage', is expected in December 2017.

At an Examination in Public, an Inspector will look at the Local Plan 2030 and Main Changes, the evidence supporting them and all comments received during the consultations and judge whether it is ‘sound‘ in relation to the National Planning Policy Framework and whether it meets the legal requirements set out in legislation.

If you made comments during consultations you will be kept informed of the progress of the Local Plan and the Examination stages.

For more information on the purpose, process and Local Plan Regulations and legislation please view the national planning practice guidance.

What is the Local Plan 2030?

Ashford Borough Council is currently preparing a new Local Plan for the borough, which sets out the land that needs to be provided in the borough to accommodate new homes and jobs up to 2030.

The new Local Plan will allocate sites for development as well as establishing planning policies and guidance to ensure local development is built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Public Consultation on the Regulation 19 (draft) version of the Local Plan 2030 ran between the 15 June and 10 August 2016.

The consultation is closed but you can:

Contact us

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