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Fruit Machines: Ashford Borough Council

Fruit Machines

Pubs and other premises with a licence for the on sale of alcohol have an ‘automatic entitlement’ to two gaming machines.

You need to complete a notification[pdf] 105KB stating whether you will have either one or two Category C or D gaming machines at the premises. This entitlement lasts for an unlimited duration

If you want to have more than two gaming machines you need to apply [pdf] 105KB for an alcohol licensed premises gaming machine permit. This will also last for an unlimited duration.

Fees [pdf] 104KB


Club machine permits [pdf] 79KB entitle clubs to offer up to three Category B4 machines.

Club gaming permits [pdf] 79KB entitles clubs to offer up to three Category B4 gaming machines, plus facilities for equal chance gaming.

Both permits lasts for ten years and an annual fee is payable.

For more information contact licensing


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