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Plan-It Consultation: Ashford Borough Council

Plan-It Consultation

Plan-It Ashford: Planning our Future together with Parish Councils and Community Groups

The council is embarking on the process of reviewing its adopted Core Strategy (which will now be known as Local Plan). The new plan will look forward to the year 2030 and will need to identify and address many diverse and complex challenges over this period.

However, unlike with previous Local Plans, this time we have no jobs or housing targets set out for us in advance. Instead, we have the opportunity to establish our own targets for growth in the borough and we have started this process with a public consultation on potential jobs-led growth scenarios for the borough.

In addition to this the council wants to work closely with parish councils and community groups to get a better understanding of any particular local issues that they feel will need to be addressed over the next 15 years. The role of established organisations such as the parish council is crucial in this and we want to build on any existing work they may have done previously (e.g. on Parish plans or village design statements).

Taking the lead from an award-winning idea from Winchester, we have created a set of ‘characters’ to represent a cross section of a local community – all with different situations and issues that need to be addressed. The idea is that people can use these characters to communicate their own aspirations but also think about issues that might affect others in their community.

Parish council's have been sent a copy of the Plan-It consultation documents and information about how to complete it. Further copies can be downloaded below. If you are a community group/school/social group that feels it can participate in this consultation, please contact us using the details at the end of this page.

Plan-it- Complete Consultation Pack [pdf] 4MB

Plan-It response form [pdf] 27KB

Alternatively, you can download the Introduction and just the characters you wish to discuss:

Introduction to Plan-It [pdf] 701KB

Please ensure that the character forms are returned with the Reponse form below, and return to us at planit@ashford.gov.uk or Plan-it Ashford, Planning and Development, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, TN23 1PL.

Plan-It response form [pdf] 27KB (Please return this with your completed character forms available below)

Plan-It Characters

cartoon woman pushing pram

Sarah is a single mother with a part-time job.
 Download Sarah [pdf] 559KB

cartoon man in suit

Joe runs a small manufacturing business
employing 10 people.
Download Joe [pdf] 218KB

cartoon image of Sean

Sean is 22 years old and lives with his parents.
He has a degree but is unemployed.
Download Sean [pdf] 155KB

Cartoon picture of teenage girl

Asha is a 16 year old student
planning to go to university.
Download Asha [pdf] 204KB

Cartoon picture of businesswoman

Davina lives with her parents and commutes to London.
Download Davina [pdf] 237KB

Cartoon picture of elderly couple

Lionel and Lillian are a retired couple who live in a village.
Download Lionel and Lillian [pdf] 628KB

Cartoon family of 4

Mr and Mrs Brown both work
and have two school age children.
Download Brown Family [pdf] 312KB

Are we missing a character? 

Create your own character [pdf] 222KB

Cartoon picture of man and woman

Neighbourhood Planning

This Plan-It consultation links closely with the government's approach to neighbourhood planning. Neighbouhood plans can be taken forward by two types of body - town and parish councils or 'neighbourhood forums'.

View Neighbourhood Plans page

For more information please call 01233 330229 or email Planning Policy Team.


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