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Consultancy Services

Ashford Building Consultancy Services are a team of fully accredited, highly qualified consultants who can provide you with the following services:

Our energy assessors are members of the BRE Global and Stroma accreditation schemes and as members adhere to the strict codes of conduct and PI insurance requirements of these schemes. Our team will help you to achieve compliance with current legislative requirements with a service tailored to suit your specific needs. We are happy to give informal advice concerning your requirement for any of the above services. Please note our initial advice and quotation services are free.

BRE Global Certification Stroma Certified

For further information on our services we provide or request for a quotation please call us direct on 01233 330282 or contact building.control@ashford.gov.uk with your requirements.

Our services

SAP calculations service (dwellings)

All new build properties require a SAP rating and associated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Additionally SAP calculations can be used to demonstrate that an extension complies with Building Regulations requirements where the design is non standard. Our SAP calculations service includes:

  • SAP calculations for new dwellings
  • SAP calculations for extension and changes of use
  • EPC production for new dwellings
  • Predicted Energy Assessments (PEAs) for new dwellings marketed "off plan"

Email building.control@ashford.gov.uk or call us direct on 01233 330282.

SBEM calculations service (commercial buildings)

Since April 2006, virtually all new commercial buildings are large extension to commercial buildings have required the production of a building energy rating to show compliance with The Building Regulations. SBEM (Standard Building Energy Methodology) is the most widely used and recognised tool  to provide this energy rating. Our SBEM calculations service includes:

  • Assessment of your building off plan from inception stage onwards
  • Liaison with services engineer to model the most cost effective heating and cooling solution for your building
  • Solar and casual gains assessment to assist in cooling strategies
  • Provision of the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance with current standards

Email les.bambridge@ashford.gov.uk or call us direct on 01233 330282.

Commercial energy performance certificate (EPCs)

Since April 2008 Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) have been phased in for the commercial buildings. To satisfy current legislation virtually all commercial properties now require an EPC both on construction or on sale/let. Our commercial EPC service includes:

  • Production of EPCs on construction (off paper)
  • Production of EPCs for existing buildings for sale or let
  • Site survey to collect relevant data
  • Production and lodgement of the EPC on the national database
  • Consultation with the Energy Assessor to discuss recommendations to improve the performance of the building

Contact les.bambridge@ashford.gov.uk or call us direct on 01233 330282.

Display energy certificates (DECs)

From January 2013 all public buildings greater than 500m sq (currently 10000m sq) and occupied by organisations and authorities a public services are required to display an energy certificate which gives an operational rating based on the energy consumption of the building. Our DEC service includes:

  • Site survey and data collection
  • Production of DEC and lodgement on the national database
  • Production of bespoke recommendations report
  • Consultation with the Energy Assessor to discu8ss report recommendations to improve the energy consumption of the building

Email les.bambridge@ashford.gov.uk or call us direct on 01233 330282.

BREEM assessments

BREEM (Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment Method) uses recognised measures of performance, set against established benchmarks to evaluate a building's specification, design, construction and use. The measures used are based on categories and criteria from energy to ecology including energy and water use, the internal environment (health and well-being), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes

Ashford Consultancy Services is a licensed BREEM provider. Please contact us for an informal discussion of you BREEM requirements.

Message les.bambridge@ashford.gov.uk or call us direct on 01233 330282.

Fire Risk assessments (FRAs)

Since October 2006, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) came into force replacing the need for fire certificates. As of this date it became mandatory for business and commercial premises to have a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment in place.

Our Fire Risk Assessment service includes

  • Site survey and analysis of your premises and operations to determine fire safety requirements
  • Production of a bespoke detailed Fire Risk Assessment for your business
  • Consultation with the Fire Risk Assessor to discuss the report and advice on implementation of the findings

Email les.bambridge@ashford.gov.uk or call us direct on 01233 330282.

Structural Design Services

Ashford Building Control now provides a structural design service for domestic works in Ashford borough area.

The service includes

  • Brief structural surveys and structural advice / guidance
  • Preparation of calculations for minor structural alterations and extension
  • (Openings through load bearing walls, lintels, roof strengthening etc.)

Please contact Ian Pyne (Structural Engineer) Tuesday and Wednesday between 8am and 4pm on 01233 330272 or email ian.pyne@ashford.gov.uk.


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