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Achieving High Quality Urban Design

Pre-application design process

The key to achieving a quality product is a quality robust process. At an early stage it is vital to establish collaboration between all parties and ensure that design excellence is made a priority for all. The following process is strongly advocated by the council before submitting a planning application.

Pre-application design process [pdf] 53KB 

Ashford Design Charter

The council encourages all partners and developers to improve design standards to create great places by committing to a series of steps in the design process that will help to deliver excellent new projects in Ashford.

Ashford Design Charter [pdf] 48KB 

Strong Design Policy

The council has produced detailed policy and supplementary guidance to help applicants making planning applications and give officers and the Planning Committee the tools needed to press for high quality design.

Supplementary Planning Documents

For further information on any of the above please contact our Planning Help Team.

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