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A Local Authority Search

Searches can be required for several reasons but the most common reason is when purchasing a property or land. They are carried out to make sure potential purchasers are aware of any restrictions or obligations on them by purchasing the property and are usually requested by solicitors acting for their clients.  Restrictions or obligations revealed in a Local Authority search are known as Local Land Charges and are recorded in the Local Land Charges Register.   

Results are usually confirmed on an Official Certificate of Search (Form LLCI) however alternative options are available such as a personal search by inspecting the Local Land Charges Register.

Amongst other things, they also provide the history of the property for planning applications and building regulations together with road information and potential road schemes that may influence your decision to buy. This information is typically revealed in answers to Form CON29.

Search results are certified up to and including the date it is stamped and returned to you or your solicitor. This is because the information being requested can change frequently. Nevertheless, guidance suggests that an accepted period of validity is three months. Official Local Authority Searches are also covered by our indemnity insurance.

A local authority search is just one of the searches carried out during the conveyancing process. Others may include Land Registry, drainage and water searches.

Further information about 'buying a home' is available on The Law Society's website.

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borchure imageOur brochure outlines our service, our commitment to you and guidance on our online portal submission method.

On receipt of a local authority search request, we research and collate the information from departments, providing comprehensive information about the property that may be of interest. We are the source of most of the information and therefore best placed to provide answers to these questions.

We currently offer a search update service for searches less than six months old at a minimal cost.

National guidance on turnaround is within 10 working days however our turnaround typically ranges between 2-5 working days depending on workload. Please contact us for an up to date turnaround time: Email Local Land Charges Team.

ABC Shortlisted for Best LLC Department of the Last 10 Years

We were shortlisted this year for best local land charges department over the past 10 years.  This was a special award created in order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Land Data Local Land Charges Awards. 

Just being shortlisted is major recognition of the continued dedication of our experienced but small team who strive to provide the best product and service for our customers.   Local Land Charges awards logo

We were also shortlisted in two categories in 2015:

  • Best performing NLIS level 3 local land charges department
  • Customer satisfaction for local authority searches






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