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The National Land Information Service (NLIS) connects users directly to land and property information held by local authorities, central government and other organisations that provide official sources of land and property data.

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Submission guidance

Validation requirements
  1. An application should be submitted as residential OR non-residential
  2. An application for a search must be accompanied by a plan clearly defining the property or piece of land to be searched and subject of the transaction
  3. Plans supplied must be as up to date as possible and clearly show the area to be searched in red
  4. Search applications are usually for one parcel. Please check our parcels of land guidance for clarification if you think you may have more than one parcel. If it is still not clear, we would recommend you send us the plan prior to submitting the request so we can help. Email Land Charges with your plan
  5. Double check the fee required

Please see our fees page.

Payment methods
  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque made payable to Ashford Borough Council
  • Debit/Credit card
Parcels of land guidance

Normally a separate requisition should be made, and the fee paid, in respect of each separate parcel of land.  However, one requisition (or one personal search) may cover more than one parcel under Rule 11 when it is required for the purposes of a single transaction and the several parcels have a common boundary or are separated only by a road, railway, river, stream or canal. "Parcel" of land in this context means a piece of land in separate occupation or separately rated at the time of the requisition for search.

Jan E Boothroyd - Garner's Local Land Charges, 13th Edition, (c) Shaw and Sons Limited 2005

We will therefore only charge an additional parcel fee if the land (parcel) has a common boundary to the parcel being searched and it is one transaction. (With the exception as stated above regarding road, railway, river, stream or canal). If a common boundary is not present (other than with the exception) a separate requisition will be requested.

Please be aware that ownership of land does not have any bearing on the charging of parcels.

Should you have several plots to search, we suggest that you email the plan to the local land charges department so that we can confirm how they need to be submitted and the fee required.

Tier guidance


Rated and occupied as residential at the time of search.  Does not include agricultural/derelict buildings with planning permission for conversion.


Land, commercial units, garage/s when being searched without residential property, garden land without the inclusion of a residential property, agricultural/derelict buildings with planning permission for conversion but not yet converted.

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