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National Significant Infrastructure Project - M20 J10A

What are NSIPs?

The Highways England (formerly Highways Agency) proposal for a new M20 junction 10a is classed as a national significant infrastructure project or NSIP.

NSIPs are usually large scale developments such as new harbours, power generating stations (including wind farms), and electricity transmission lines, which require a type of consent known as 'development consent' under procedures governed by the Planning Act 2008 (and amended by the Localism Act 2011).

On 1 April 2012, under the Localism Act 2011, the Planning Inspectorate became the agency responsible for operating the planning process for nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs). The project has been listed on the national infrastructure planning website and can be viewed under M20 junction 10a improvement by Highway England.

What role does Ashford Borough Council have in these projects?

Ashford Borough Council is only a consultee on these projects. It is not responsible for the formal consultation on, or determination of an NSIP project. However, for transparency, the council has produced its own project reference 15/00001/NSIP/AS which will include the consultation documentation it has received and any formal comments made by the council.

Look at our consultation/formal comments documentation 15/00001/NSIP/AS

It should not however be confused with or used as substitute for the National Infrastructure Planning website or any other project website that may be referred to as part of the NSIP process.

Track progress

Please follow the instructions to track the progress of this proposal on the National Infrastructure Planning website.

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