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Comment on Applications

We encourage the involvement of local people in planning in the ways set out in our Statement of Community Involvement but anyone can make comments even if we have not notified you. We always consider your comments very carefully.You should make sure your comments are sent to us before the consultation deadline as we may make the decision soon after this.  Any comments we receive before the decision is made will always be taken into account.

You can find the consultation deadline by using our online application search. Use the application number or address to search. The consultation deadline is shown in the time line at the top of the page.

How can I comment?


Online is the best method as it makes sure we have your comments quickly and allows us to protect your personal data more easily.

Open the application in our View Applications Online system and comment using the Make a Comment tab.



To help us protect your personal data please attach a letter containing your comments to the email. This letter should include your name and address, any comments you want to make and the application reference number. A printed signature will suffice. Please do not include any personal data you don't want made public.

Although the council reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments from the web site as necessary, such comments may still be viewable prior to any removal and viewable by visitors to the Civic Centre. It is therefore your sole responsibility to ensure you do not include defamatory remarks in your comments as you could be held legally responsible for them in the future.


You can write to us with your comments to:

Planning Applications
Ashford Borough Council
Tannery Lane
Kent TN23 1PL

Please follow the advice about personal data in the email section above and remember to include the application reference number as well as your name, address and postcode.

What can I comment on?

The council cannot decide planning applications simply as it chooses. It is constrained by law and by precedents set in the Courts about the matters it can legitimately take into account when making its decisions.

To find out about the matters that we can take account view our Material Consideration Guide.

Note: If you wish to question or comment upon the conduct of individual officers or elected Councillors, or upon procedural matters, these should be made via the Formal Complaints Procedure.

What will happen after my comments have been made?

Due to the large number of responses the council receives, it is not possible to respond personally to each letter.

All information you send to us in relation to a planning application is public information and will therefore be available for public inspection. Your comments will also be published on the internet.

Comments received online are published as soon as possible but can take up to 5 working days to show on our website. If after 5 days your comment is not visible, please let us know.

Your representation will be considered by the planning officer dealing with the application as part of reaching a decision. When applications are decided by the Planning Committee all comments received are summarised in the officer's report which is published five working days prior to the committee. If you have commented on the application we will let you know the committee date or you can be notified automatically by our “Applications near me” service.

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