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Authority Monitoring Reports


The Authority (formerly Annual) Monitoring Report (AMR) has a number of functions, these include:

  • Reviewing progress of the council’s Local Plan documents
  • Recording Public Consultations and Duty to Co-operate Events
  • Reporting on Neighbourhood Planning
  • Providing borough-wide statistics on housing, employment, population, community, health, education, environment and transport

We have broken our AMR into topics, so that we are able to update information more frequently than once a year and share the information in a more user-friendly way. As well as the statistics collected by us (ABC), you will also find useful reports from Kent County Council's (KCC) Research and Intelligence Team.

The current Authority Monitoring Report (AMR)

The latest complete AMR is for the 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 monitoring year and can be found below. The next full AMR is not expected to be complete until late 2017, however, throughout 2017 the various chapters will be published as soon as they are available and will be found in the relevant sections below.

Ashford AMR 2015-16 [pdf] 2MB

The 2016/17 AMR production

Information for 2016/2017 monitoring year will be published here in the relevant sections when available. Other useful links are provided below in the meantime.

Useful borough statistics:

Kent County Council publish a wide range of statistics on a regular basis regarding population, diversity, education and skills, older people and health, housing and employment. Particularly useful are the Area Profiles, where Ashford Borough can be selected to view this range of information relevant to the borough. These can be viewed on Kent County Council's website.

Local Plan progress:

There are various ways of viewing progess on the Local Plan 2030 production throughout the monitoring year:

Housing statistics

Housing trajectory

Ashford does not currently have an up to date adopted borough-wide housing trajectory. However, the draft New Local Plan to 2030 contains a draft borough wide trajectory at Appendix 5.

Statement on five-year housing land supply

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local planning authorities to identify and keep up-to-date a deliverable five year housing land supply (Section 6). Paragraph 49 of that document notes that failure to do so would render Local Plan policies relating to the supply of housing out of date.

In February 2016, a four day public inquiry was held on a proposal for up to 100 dwellings on land to the rear of Tilden Gill Road, Tenterden. The Inspector’s decision (see appeal ref: APP/E2205/W/15/3032575) allowed the appeal and, in granting planning permission, concluded that the council could not robustly demonstrate a five-year housing land supply.

Based on the outcome of this appeal, and until such time as the borough’s New Local Plan to 2030 is adopted, whilst the existing adopted development plan remains the starting point for considering planning applications for housing, the council will also place more emphasis on the “presumption in favour of sustainable development”, as per paragraph 14 of the NPPF. That is, in the first instance, applicants should demonstrate that a proposal will not result in significant and demonstrable harm. A judgement will then be made, on a case-by-case basis, as to how the proposal addresses the dimensions of sustainable development as outlined in paragraph 7 of the NPPF, as well as any other policy and land use issues raised by the proposal.

A more detailed position on housing land supply for the borough will be provided once the housing target in the draft Local Plan has been fully considered by the Local Plan Inspector.

Economy and employment statistics

Information for 2016/2017 will be published here as soon as available.

  • Commercial Information Audit. This annual survey is undertaken by Local Authority officers. All commercial sites with a planning permission valid until 31 March are visited and an assessment is then made of the stage of development; complete, under-construction or un-implemented, and this is recorded into a database for commercial land monitoring. Latest version is contained within the AMR 2015/16 above. 2016/17 update is expected in summer 2017.
  • Kent Economic Indicators Report 2016 [pdf] 308KB. Includes information about the working age population, employees, economic activity, people in employment, employment by industry and occupation, method of travel to work and distance travelled, unemployment and worklessness and qualifications
  • Business Register and Employment Survey BRES 2016 [pdf] 398KB Counts of total employees and employees by industrial sector are published annually by the Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES).

Environment, land use and water statistics

Information for 2016/17 monitoring year will be published here when available.

Transport statistics

Information for 2016/17 monitoring year will be published here when available.

Duty to co-operate and public consultations

Information about events held between 1st April 2016 and 31st March 2017 will be published here when available. Find out more about future planned consultation events for the New Local Plan to 2030 here.

Neighbourhood planning

Information for 2016/17 year will be published here when available but please see the Neighbourhood Plans page for current information.

AMR Archive

AMR 2014/15 [pdf] 2MB
AMR 2013/14 [pdf] 3MB
AMR 2012/13 [pdf] 1MB
AMR 2011/12 [pdf] 2MB
AMR 2010/11 [pdf] 2MB

For further information about development plan monitoring please email the Policy Team.

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