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High Hedges

Hedges can make an ideal boundary to a property but they can also bring problems. Part 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 gives powers to local authorities to deal with complaints about high hedges but we can only be involved if you have tried all possible ways to sort the problem out first with your neighbour. More information is available at Gov UK.

What if you are bothered by a neighbour’s hedge?

If you are troubled by someone else's hedge the best way to sort it out is to talk to them about it. It is in the best interests of both of you to be on good terms, you have to continue to live near each other after all. There is practical advice about how to approach your neighbour about this on the Over the Garden Hedge page on the gov.uk website. Keep a record of what you have done to resolve the matter, as you will need that if you want to involve the council at a later stage.

Complaining to the council

If you have been unsuccessful in resolving the matter with your neighbour you can ask the council to consider your complaint. There are certain things you must do before involving us and there are certain criteria that must apply to the hedge. Full details of these are given here - High Hedges: Complaining to the council. If you are sure that your case meets the criteria outlined you should read our Making a High Hedge Complaint page and also send the relevant High Hedge Complaint Fee.

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