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Veteran Trees

The borough has many very old trees that make a special contribution to the landscape and often to the history of an area. In 2009 we supported the Conservation Volunteers to survey these old trees and they found 314 veteran trees, 69 ancient trees and another 332 of notable interest.

Veteran tree diagram

The results of the survey are available on our veteran tree map.

What is a veteran tree?

There is no precise definition but generally they are:

  • Trees of interest biologically, aesthetically or culturally because of their age
  • Trees in the ancient stage of their life
  • Trees that are old relative to others of the same species
  • The girth of a tree is not a reliable criterion because different species and individuals of tree have very different life spans and grow at different rates

Why are veteran trees important?

Veteran trees are an irreplaceable part of England's landscape and biological heritage. They are of international importance as the UK is host to many more veteran trees than any other Northern European country.

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