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Public Consultation

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The SCI 2013 was adopted on 18 October and provides details of how the planning department will consult with members of the public and other organisations, on most planning related matters. This includes Local Plans which set out overall policies for the borough and allocate land for development, supplementary planning guidance (SPD) produced by the council and planning applications received by the council.

The planning department is committed to ensuring that everyone is able to comment on plans that may have an impact on them. To do this we propose to:

  • Seek people’s views as early as possible
  • Have consultations available online and in hard copy
  • Involve all members of the community regardless of gender, faith, race, disability, sexuality, age, social deprivation or rural isolation
  • Keep people informed of future stages of consultation
  • Produce clear, concise documents and avoid jargon where possible
  • Hold public exhibitions/workshops where appropriate

This document details how we intend to achieve these objectives, who we plan to consult with, and how we will do it.

Download the Statement of Community Involvement 2013 [pdf] 3MB

Current and future public consultations

A consultation portal has been launched which will enable residents, businesses and others to have their say on key planning issues and future developments in Ashford.

View consultations and register on the Consultation Portal.

Further consultation is expected on proposed main changes to the Local Plan 2030 in summer 2017. Exact dates are not yet available.

Local Plan 2030 past consultations

As part of the preparation of the New Local Plan to 2030, the planning policy team wanted to work closely with parish councils, schools and community groups to get a better understanding of any particular local issues that they feel will need to be addressed over the next 15 years. A consultation called Plan-It Consultation ran throughout 2013.

During 2014, we have been holding public exhibitions of Site Submissions 2013-2014 in partnership with Parish Councils and Community Forums across the borough to gain the views of local residents on sites put forward in their area.




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