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Public toilets: Ashford Borough Council

Public toilets

Report it stamp. Grunge effect circular blue stamp with 'Report it!' in burnt orange across the middle and 'working together to make the borough a better place' in grey in a circle inside the stamp.We provide public toilets in key locations within the Ashford area. The toilet opening times vary according to the location and demand, all public conveniences are cleaned regularly. The frequency varies from site to site and depends upon the level of use. All public conveniences are cleaned at least once each day, but frequencies are modified to suit peaks of demand, such as during the holiday season.

We will remove obscene graffiti promptly and other graffiti as soon as possible. We also arrange for repairs to be carried out promptly once the extent of the damage has been notified. Vandalism is a major concern in public toilets which results in unplanned closures and expenditure.

Public toilet opening times

Christmas opening hours (Please note this does not apply to the Parish Toilets please contact the Parish Clerks for details)

24/12/16 Christmas Eve  - Open as normal                              28/12/16  - Open as normal                           01/01/17  New Years Day - All closed

25/12/16 Christmas Day - All closed                                         29/12/16 - Open as normal                            02/01/17  Bank Holiday - All closed

26/12/16 Boxing Day - All Closed                                             30/12/16 - Open as normal                            03/01/17   Back to normal

27/12/16 Bank Holiday - Open as normal                                 31/12/16 - Open as normal



Location Facilities Opening hours
St Johns Lane, Ashford TN23 1NL Disabled and baby changing facilities

Mon - Sat 8am to 4pm,  Sunday closed


Forge Lane, New Rents, Ashford TN23 1JW Disabled Mon - Sat 8am to 4pm,  Sunday closed
Victoria Park, Jemmett Road, Ashford TN23 4QD  

Mon - Sat 8am to 4pm, Sunday & B/H 10am to 4pm

(Closed for maintenance)

Maidstone Road, Hothfiled TN26 1HD  

(Due to vandalism the toilets are currently closed)


Recreation Ground Road, Tenterden TN30 6RA Disabled and baby changing facilities

Contact Town Clerk 01580 762271

or email: townhall@tenterdentowncouncil.gov.uk

Station Road Coach Park, Tenterden TN30 6HE Disabled and baby changing facilities

Contact Town Clerk 01580 762271

or email: townhall@tenterdentowncouncil.gov.uk

Recreation Ground, Ashford Road, St Michaels, Tenterden TN30 6DQ Disabled and baby changing facilities

Contact Town Clerk 01580 762271

or email: townhall@tenterdentowncouncil.gov.uk

Gregory Court, Churchfield Way, Wye TN25 5EQ  

Contact Parish Clerk 01233 812459

or email: clerk@wyeparishcouncil.plus.com

Front Road, Woodchurch, TN26 3QA Disabled and baby changing facilities

Contact Parish Clerk 01233 733994

or email: judith.batt@btinternet.com

Old Ashford Road, Charing, Ashford TN27 0JG  

Contact Parish Clerk 01233 713599

or email: cpclerk@btinternet.com

Taylors Hill car park, Taylors Hill, Chilham CT4 8BZ Disabled

Contact Parish Clerk 07923 631596

or email: clerk@chilhamparishcouncil.gov.uk

Recreation Ground, The Street, Appledore TN26 2AF  

Contact Parish Clerk 01233 758298

or email: mary@barcol.co.uk

To report problems or vandalism please complete our online form or telephone 01233 331111.

National Key Scheme

The National Key Scheme (NKS) offers independent access to disabled people to around 7,000 locked public toilets around the country.

To find out more about the scheme, visit the RADAR website.

To obtain a key you need to complete an application for a disabled toilet key [pdf] 70KB  and return it to the Ashford Borough Council at the Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford in person along with proof of disability (e.g. disability allowance letter or blue badge). Keys cost £3.50 and can be collected when you sign up.


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