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  1. Temporary Event Notice

    You must submit a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) to authorise one or more licensable activities.

  2. Music, Plays and Films

    If you are planning to put on a play, show a film, a performance of dance or have an event that involves live or recorded music with members of the public in attendance then you will require a licence.

  3. Alcohol

    Information on the different types of alcohol licences and how to get them.

  4. Personal Licence

    A personal licence allows you to authorise the sale or supply of alcohol in a venue which has a premises licence or a temporary event notice.

  5. Our Approach to Enforcement

    Ashford Borough Council's approach and policy on the use of enforcement powers.

  6. Ashford Borough Council Parking Enforcement Policy

    Ashford Borough Council's parking enforcement policy (January 2015)

  7. Frequently Asked Questions About Parking in our Borough

    Frequently asked questions about parking within Ashford Borough Council jurisdiction.

  8. Pubs and Clubs

    If you are inconvenienced by music from a venue, we can offer advice and help on how to tackle the problem.

  9. Parties and Raves

    Information on parties and raves and what action can be taken if you were disturbed by them.

  10. Street Collections

    Organisations or individuals that want to collect money or sell articles for charity need to apply for a street collection licence.

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