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Taxi Renewals

Driver renewals

Applications for renewals are sent to existing drivers two months before expiry. Applications must be submitted one month before expiry of the current licence.

The application form will specify whether a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and medical are required, along with the usual requirements for the photos, fee and copy of your driving licence.

If a DBS disclosure form is required it has to be submitted in person to either the Civic Centre, Ashford or the Town Hall, Tenterden. Email appointments@ashford.gov.uk to make an appointment.

Driver renewal FAQs
Question Answer
What do I need to supply for my renewal? You are issued with the relevant forms two months before your licence expires. The application form will identify what you need.
When do I need to submit my renewal?  This must be submitted a least one month before your current licence expires.
Do I need to submit my renewal in person? Only if you are required to submit a DBS. 
I am struggling to get an appointment for my medical; can I submit this at a later date?  Yes this can be submitted after the other paperwork but this must be before the current licence expires.

If a DBS disclosure form is not required all documents can be submitted by post to Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PL. Please do not send in your original DVLA licence, a photocopy will be accepted.

Vehicle renewals

Please ensure your completed application form is accompanied by:

Applications can be submitted by post, by email or in person to the Civic Centre, Ashford or the Town Hall, Tenterden

For new vehicle licences and transfers email licensing@ashford.gov.uk

Vehicle FAQs
Question Answer
What documentation do I need to supply with my vehicle renewal?

Without all documentation your application will be returned to you. 

Do you need all the documents every time? Yes! 
When does it have to be submitted?  At least two weeks before the current plate expires.
When will I get my plate?  It will be posted to you once the application has been processed. 
 How do I transfer my plate to another vehicle? Email licensing@ashford.gov.uk for a call back 
 How do I licence a new vehicle? Contact licensing@ashford.gov.uk for a call back 


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