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Environmental Permits

Some activities that can cause pollution need to be 'permitted' to operate. This permit contains conditions that must be observed to make sure pollution is kept under control.

The activities are divided into three types:

  • Part A(1)
  • Part A(2)
  • Part B

Part A processes

Large industries such as power stations, incinerators and chemical plants are known as Part A(1) processes.

These large industries are controlled by the Environment Agency and are regulated under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999.

There are currently sixteen Part A(1) processes in the borough and their contribution towards local air quality is considered in the annual progress reports and updating screening assessments produced by Ashford Borough Council. The A(1) processes can be found on the Environment Agency public register.

We are responsible for regulating one Part A(2) process; this is a larger process than most Part B installations but having a smaller potential environmental impact than a part A(1) process.

Part B processes

Ashford Borough Council is responsible for the control of emissions to the air from small industrial processes under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999, within the borough. These industries are called 'Part B' processes, and include vehicle re-sprayers, cement batching plants and petrol stations.

Pending applications

The following applications have been received and are currently subject to consultation. Should you require further information on the application please contact Environmental Protection.

  • No applications currently subject to consultation

Current permits

A list of our current regulated Part A and B processes is available. Download the current Public Register [pdf] 205KB

A more detailed public register is available to be viewed at the Civic Centre by prior appointment.


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