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Being disturbed by a car, house or commercial premises alarm?

Car alarms

If you are being disturbed by a car alarm which has been sounding for a long period, please contact us on 01233 330645 or 01233 330319.

We will need you to give us:

  • Make of car
  • Registration number
  • Details of where the car is parked
  • Colour of car

We will then try to trace the owner of the vehicle.

What next?

If we are unable to trace the owner we will make a visit to establish whether the alarm is causing a statutory nuisance. If we believe it is causing a statutory nuisance we will serve a notice and employ the services of a specialist to disarm the alarm.

The owner of the car will then be charged for the cost of disarming the alarm.

Please note, we cannot take action against noise from alarms in car parks where they go off for only a few seconds.

alarm boxHouse and commercial premises alarms

Faulty burglar alarms cause a great deal of disturbance to neighbouring properties and are a regular cause for complaint.

If you have a burglar alarm you should:

  • Ensure the alarm has a 20 minute “cut out” and will only sound for one 20 minute period. There is no benefit to having it set to go off three or four times
  • Install the alarm as per manufacturers instructions or have it installed by a professional alarm company and make sure you get a maintenance agreement
  • Ensure neighbours know who to contact if the alarm goes off unnecessarily
  • Ensure the alarm is serviced regularly
  • Test the alarm from time to time

Consider having an alarm that is linked to a call centre with CCTV system, so if an intruder is spotted the police and alarm engineer can attend straight away. We offer an alarm monitoring service, for more information visit our CCTV monitoring centre page.

Following the introduction of the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005, there is no legal requirement for the owner of an intruder alarm to register key holder details with either the police or with us. Whilst the CNEA does allow for alarm designation areas to be declared we have decided not to declare an area. We do however offer to keep key-holder information on request. To avoid having to take legal action to disable the alarm, we will use this database where an alarm is malfunctioning and causing a noise nuisance. We have a responsibility to act on noise nuisance complaints, so we will try to contact the owner of the premises or a nominated key holder if an incident occurs. If we are unable to contact anyone to switch the alarm off within a reasonable timeframe we will serve a notice and disable the alarm, using nominated contractors. Afterwards we will recover all costs incurred, which can be considerable, from the person responsible for the alarm. 

To register your key-holder details with us please complete the alarm keyholder form [docx] 16KB and return to us.

Nuisance alarms

If you are being disturbed on a regular basis or for prolonged periods by a neighbour’s burglar alarm, we have powers to silence it.

Before you call

  • Obtain the address where the alarm is installed
  • Check with neighbours and ask if they know where the people are:
    1. Are they likely to be home shortly?
    2. Do they know where they work?
    3. Are they on holiday?
    4. Do they have contact details of any family members or friends who may be able to contact them or may have a spare key?
    5. Look at the alarm box and get the phone number of the company in case they have a service contract

What next?

Report it logoIf the owner or a keyholder cannot be contacted and the alarm continues to sound let us know. We will follow up with the Police.

If we are unable to obtain keyholder details an officer will visit to establish whether the alarm is causing a statutory nuisance. If it is, we will serve an abatement notice and apply to the magistrate’s court for a warrant to silence or reset the alarm.

The process isn’t quick but bear with us. We will need to arrange for various experts to be on site to disarm the alarm. We have to make a charge to the householder with the alarm which can run into hundreds of pounds, especially if an alarm sounds at night.

If you are experiencing regular problems with an alarm please contact us on 01233 330319 or 01233 330645.

You can also report a noise complaint to us.

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