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Food Waste

Going on holiday?

As part of #Travellerscheck (a nationwide food campaign led by Hubbub) we're encouraging residents to check their fridge as part of their travel preparations. Why not cook, share or freeze food that would have otherwise been thrown away? Get involved on Twitter by following @Ashfordcouncil and @HubbubUK and use the hashtag #TravellersCheck

Why recycle food waste?

If you’re thinking - why should I place food waste in my kitchen caddy? - well, food which goes in your caddy is sent for composting and can be reused as fertiliser, potentially by local farmers to grow more food. But food which goes into our grey refuse bin is sent straight to energy from waste or landfill and has no further useful purpose.

You can help keep your bin clean by lining it with 100% compostable bags. They are available from most supermarkets, or Ashford residents can purchase them at a discount from getcomposting.com.

A leaflet detailing the food items which can be placed in our caddies, and all the great benefits of recycling more food waste, should have dropped through your door to help you out too.

So let’s help Ashford become a greener, cleaner and more eco-friendly borough by using our kitchen caddies!

Read our food recycling leaflet [pdf] 2MB

Weekly food waste collection

Put food waste into the small indoor kitchen caddy (silver in colour). Empty your kitchen caddy into the collection caddy (orange lid) when required.

Put the caddy with the orange lid out for collection weekly on both your refuse and your recycling collection days.

If you wish, you can line your caddy with newspaper or special compostable liners, available at supermarkets

Food Waste Guidance


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