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Litter Enforcement

We all want to live in a clean and pleasant borough which is why from September 2016 Ashford Borough Council have been working in partnership with a private company, Kingdom, to help tackle littering and other environmental blights in the borough.

Kingdom will work on behalf of the council over a 12 month trial period. If the trial proves successful the council will look to procure a contracted service going forward.

Officers from Kingdom will have the authority to issue a £75 on the spot fine for those caught deliberately dropping litter or not clearing up after their pet, and there will be no reduction in cost for early payment. The officers do not have a target for issuing fines, but the council anticipates a significant number will be handed out over the 12 month period.

Pay a littering Fixed Penalty Notice

Cllr Clair Bell, Portfolio Holder for Public Interaction and Borough Presentation said:

 Ashford Borough Council works hard to keep the borough looking clean and tidy for its residents and visitors.

Despite launching a long term anti-littering campaign in the form of Sir Litternot to discourage this type of behaviour in the borough, it is disappointing to see people are continuing to drop litter and other waste in their own town.

Kingdom is very experienced and we expect them to take a firm but fair approach when they are dealing with people caught littering in Ashford and Tenterden.

Phil Burgess, Town Clerk at Tenterden Town Council, said:

Littering and dog fouling has long been a problem in Tenterden and I applaud this initiative for a healthier environment.

Ashford is following in the footsteps of seven other Kent authorities, including Maidstone Borough Council, who Kingdom already works successfully with.

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