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A new Mayor for Ashford - 19th May

A new Mayor for Ashford - 19th May

This week saw the inauguration of a new Ashford Mayor. Cllr Winston Michael dedicated his position towards ensuring the borough’s young people know that they are valued and encouraging them to reach their true potential.

Throughout his working life Winston held management positions from the age of 20 (notably being the youngest person to attain such a role in the 200 year history of Lloyds when he worked in the finance department).

Attracted by the advent of computers he switched careers in 1963 to work for NCR (then one of the top three computer manufacturers in the world). He developed and installed business solutions into major banks and financial institutions, as well as manufacturing and logistic companies.

In 1972 he gave up his director role at CMG to form an IT consultancy company in London. Over the course of the next 25 years he guided the company to become a leading provider of finance, logistics, and manufacturing solutions to companies around the world.

When the company was acquired by a large US firm, Winston stayed for three years to oversee the transition. He then went on to work for other IT Companies in a senior capacity.

Before retiring he worked for a leading marketing company and implemented grid computing into their UK operation, which harnessed the power of 7,000 personal computers to create a fail-safe super computer.

Since marrying in 1967 Winston has always taken a keen interest in community matters and, upon retiring, increased his involvement as chairman of his parish council. Championing key local matters he became a borough councillor in 2011 and since then been very active with his council work and helping residents.

The new Ashford Mayor said; “I am passionate about helping young people who may have struggled against misguided preconceptions about what they are capable of, regardless of their background and regardless of their disability.

“I believe our young people are exceptional and very much the future of Ashford, Kent and Great Britain.”

A keen sportsman from an early age he represented his school and district in football, running and javelin and Winston’s plans include his Kent Challenger Games on 14th July.

He intends that the games will “show these young people their true inner strengths, encourage them to be the best they can be, show that what they thought impossible is entirely possible for them, and give them self-esteem and self-worth.”

His chosen charities are Wyvern School Trust Foundation and the Ashford branch of Uprising. He hopes that businesses throughout Ashford see the importance of encouraging young people to thrive and will support these worthwhile charities wholeheartedly.

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