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Planning Public Notices

Each week we publicise certain planning applications in the Kentish Express, and when applicable, the Kent & Sussex Courier. We also publicise the important stages of the development of Local Plan policy for example when we are consulting local people on ideas for new policies. Details of current public notices are listed below.

Planning application notices

To view any application, please insert the application number in our search page.

Public Notice 31 August 2017 [pdf] 81KB - comments requested by 21 September 2017

Public Notice 7 September 2017 [pdf] 77KB - comments requested by 28 September 2017

Public Notice 14 September 2017 [pdf] 70KB - comments requested by 5 October 2017

Public Notice 21 September 2017 [pdf] 68KB - comments requested by 12 October 2017








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