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Ashford Remembers: Commemorating WWI (1914-1918)

Remembrance PoppiesSince 2014 and the 100th Anniversary of the start of WWI, Ashford Borough Council has been dedicated to hosting and facilitating a number of commemorative events.

This is under the guidance of the government, the Imperial War Museum, the Heritage Lottery Fund and a number of other partners who are all working on the national commemorations of the centenary of WWI between 2014-2018, and this includes national commemorative events, an education programme and cultural activities.

The government has also published guidelines for communities on encouraging local support and involvement. We have been encouraged by the number of community groups and organisations who have already held their own events and projects to mark this important anniversary, such as the Dawn to Dusk Guard of Honour at Ashford’s WWI Tank on 4 August 2014 held by REME.

As the 2018 anniversary date approaches, we are keen to encourage local people to continue to hold their own commemorations, events and projects, and can offer help for those wishing to do so in the following ways:

  • Voluntary and community organisations can apply for funding for community projects that commemorate the centenary of WWI. This could be for researching and conserving the heritage of the conflict, and exploring the ways in which local communities were affected. This special Ashford Borough Council grant scheme runs from 2014 through to 2018, so projects are not limited to a specific year. For more information, visit see our community grants and funding options
  • We will provide guidance and support to residents and local communities and groups that wish to mark these occasions.

Memorial Service at the WWI TankIf you are planning an event please let us know by emailing Elizabeth Fagg, Heritage Development Officer.

We will also ensure that they are publicised through as many mediums as possible.

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