Council Tax 2018/19

Council Tax Annual Billing

As at 24 February 2018, an overview of council tax accounts was taken, ready for our new year billing procedure.  This means that any changes or payments made to your council tax account after 24 February 2018 will not show on your 10 March 2018 council tax bill, which is the bill for the new council tax year, 2018-19.

If you have submitted any change in circumstances in respect of your benefit claim or council tax account, and you have not received an amended bill prior to 24 February 2018, then you will receive a bill and entitlement letters dated 10 March 2018 based on how your claim or account was prior to that change.

We will not be producing any council tax bills or benefit entitlement letters between the period 24 February 2018 and 31 March 2018.  Therefore, any amended claims or accounts will not receive an updated bill or entitlement letters until after 1 April 2018.

Please note, if you have made a council tax payment after 24 February 2018, this will not show on your 10 March 2018 bill.  You will need to deduct any payments that you make after this date from the balance for 2017-18 stated in the "memorandum note" towards the bottom of the bill.

If you receive multiple council tax bills or benefit notifications the correct bill and letters will always be the one with the most recent date and will supersede any previous bill or letter which has been sent.