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Request A Revisit

Notes For Businesses

The food business operator of an establishment has the right to request a revisit from an inspector. This allows the premises to be re-rated, provided that you have taken action to fix any non-compliance that was originally identified.

You are only allowed to make one revisit request per planned statutory inspection. This can be made any time after the initial inspection, providing that improvements have been made.

Your request must state the changes you have made. Where possible, please include supporting documents with your request.

If we feel that the changes you have made are sufficient enough then we will carry out another full inspection during an unannounced visit. This visit will be after the three month "stand still" period that follows the initial inspection. It will be anytime within the three months after the "stand still" period. If you make your revisit request after that period, then it will be within three months of us receiving your request. 

Our visit will be sooner if the only changes your needed to make were permanent structural improvements or upgrading equipment.

Our officer will give you a new food hygiene rating based on the level of compliance found on their revisit. Please note that your rating may increase, decrease, or stay the same.

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