Chilmington Green AAP

The Chilmington Green Area Action Plan (AAP) provides a policy framework to deliver a major urban extension to Ashford of up to 5,750 homes and 1,000 jobs, over a period of twenty five years or so. It contains policies on several topics, such as community infrastructure, transport improvements, ecology and what character the different parts of the site should have.

Following Public Examination by an Independent Planning Inspector, Martin Pike BA MA MRTPI, the Chilmington Green Area Action Plan (AAP) Local Plan was found sound, and on the 18 July 2013 was formally adopted as policy by Ashford Borough Council.

The adopted Chilmington Green AAP together with the Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment adoption statement are available below. A list of Main modifications to the AAP, made after Examination can be found in Appendix 1 of the Inspector's Report.

Download the Adopted Chilmington Green Area Action Plan July 2013 [pdf] 13MB

Read the SA and SEA Adoption statement July 2013 [pdf] 263KB

View the Chilmington Green AAP Inspectors Report [pdf] 296KB

Why is development happening at Chilmington Green?

The principle of development at Chilmington Green is established in the council’s Core Strategy. The Core Strategy was ‘adopted’ in 2008 following the production of a wide range of evidence which set out where growth could be accommodated within the borough, a period of public consultation and a formal ‘Examination in Public’ by an independent, government appointed planning Inspector. Find out more about the Core Strategy.

The change in government in May 2010 has lead to the removal of centrally designated housing targets, but the principle of development at Chilmington Green remains established in the Core Strategy. The focus now is to plan for the creation of a great place to live. This will involve looking very closely at the density, design and layout of development, types of land uses and the best range of local facilities that can be achieved.

Read the Chilmington Green FAQs

Chilmington Green design code supplementary planning document

The Chilmington Green Design Code Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out design advice and guidance for planning applications within Chilmington Green.

The SPD is a comprehensive document that looks at all aspects of the development. It seeks to create neighbourhoods of distinct character and identity; incorporate high quality urban design; be well integrated with the rural landscape surroundings; to implement the Quality Charter; and the management and maintenance of well-designed public realm.

Public consultation took place in April 2016, and the final document is expected to be published by the end of the year.

View the consultation draft.