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Food and essentials delivery form

Please complete the form below to let us know about the products you can deliver to residents of the borough. This information will then be collated to create a directory of services to residents' front doors.

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Data Protection

Ashford Borough Council is the data controller for any personal information collected in this form. Your information will be used to administrate a directory of local food delivery services, and processing is being conducted relying upon a public task legal basis. Please note, your organisation name, business contact details, services offered and any provided links to websites or social media channels will be published on our website. Your details will be shared with other departments within the council including Trading Standards and our Environmental Health team for the purpose of improving services, keeping records up-to-date and for the protection of the public fund. For more information about your data protection rights please see our Data Protection pages on our website. You must adhere to social distancing guidance when delivering food and interacting with customers. Any businesses not complying with these rules will have their information removed from our directory of food businesses in the borough.

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