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Service Delivery Advice and Support

Advice and support for community groups and charitable organisations

Running your community group or organisation well and safely is important for you, your volunteers and the people you are supporting.

The following information will give you advice and ideas on how you can run your group and deliver your services safely and effectively as we emerge from lockdown.

Ashford Volunteer Centre have lots of advice and support to support you in running your group.

Advice and support topics

+ Finances and budgeting

Watch a webinar from the Small Charities Programme which will tell you how to develop a budget and understand and develop a cash flow forecast. You can also download templates. This is important if you want to apply for grants and so that your group is financially secure.

+ General advice

The Resource Centre provides advice on all aspects of starting and running a community group and for organising events and activities.

If you are an established Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisation and need advice on all aspects of running your organisation during the Coronavirus outbreak then view the government's guidance. It covers areas such as: available funding, holding AGMs and other meetings, use of reserves and restricted funds, managing financial difficulties, fundraising and appeals and reporting issues to the Charities Commission.

+ Governance

It is important to get the right structure for your group which will support you in delivering your services and projects. This will also reduce your personal risk.

My Community provides information on the different structures you can use and also links to advice on insurance and managing risk and avoiding red tape.

+ Health & Safety/Safeguarding

The Red Cross provides online training for individual Coronavirus volunteers including those who are: lone working, dropping off packages, vehicle cleaning, controlling infection and advice on protecting their personal wellbeing. There is also advice for groups on safeguarding and health & safety.

+ Involving and managing volunteers

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) have lots of useful advice on involving and managing volunteers during the Coronavirus outbreak. Their advice involves paying for goods and services, insurance requirements and volunteer expenses.

+ Resuming services and activities

You may be thinking about resuming your services and activities and opening your buildings again now lockdown requirements are easing. If you are, the NCVO has guidance on all the things you need to take into account.