Advice For Vulnerable Residents

If you need help then view our list of voluntary and community groups that are helping others at this time to see if there is a local group who can help you with shopping, collecting prescriptions, etc.

Ashford Borough Citizens Advice offer free, confidential and impartial advice in a number of areas including Housing, Debt, Employment and Welfare Benefits.

If you are still unable to find help then please complete our request for help form.

From 1 April, the government has said that nobody needs to shield.

Being asked to minimise social contact might seem daunting, but there are lots of ways you can stay in touch, and getting into a new routine will help you. You should also try to stay active. 

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use social media to keep in touch with friends and family – video calls or message apps mean you don’t have to stay out of the loop of family life.

If you have been shielding, and are now going out, remember to wear a face covering while in shops or on public transport, unless you are exempt.

Be careful of accepting help from someone you don’t know – is it a genuine offer or a potential scam? Several community groups are being set up to help those who do not have family or friends around to help

Some pharmacies are offering a delivery services, so call the one you usually use and see if they can help. If you need ongoing care, essential carers and healthcare workers can continue to visit. It is a good idea to have a back up plan in case your main carer falls ill. 

It is a difficult time for everyone, but for those who have caring responsibilities, it is important to have a contingency plan in place. View Carers UK's online advice on this