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Direct Debit payments update - 30/10/20

Due to an IT systems error, council tax and business rates payments were taken one working day early on Friday 30 October instead of Monday 2 November. We apologise for the inconvenience and stress this may have caused. We know there will be residents and businesses who have incurred bank charges as a result of this. If this is the case please contact us on 01233 331111 or email customer.care@ashford.gov.uk.

Please see below some FAQs which might help answer any other questions you have:

I've been charged bank charges because the payment was taken early. What should I do?

Please email us on customer.care@ashford.gov.uk with proof of the bank charges, eg a bank statement. We will also need your bank sort code, account number and the name on the bank account so we can cross reference and make sure the payment is going back into the account the payment was taken out of. If you can't email us please call 01233 331111.

If I cancel my direct debit will I have to set up a new one if I want to continue paying by this method in the future?

Yes, you will have to set up another direct debit so you don’t miss council tax or business rates payments.

Is this allowed under the direct debit guarantee?

While taxpayers do have the right to ask their bank to refund the payment through the direct debit guarantee, you will still have to pay the amount owed to the council. Don’t forget that if you cancel your direct debit a new one will have to be set up if you want to continue paying by this method in the future.

Why did you not email everyone to advise them of this?

We are unable to use email addresses for this kind of messaging because of General Data Protection Regulations.

Will I be charged twice in November?

No, the payment that was due on 2 November has been taken early, no further payments will be taken by direct debit in November.


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