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Students and Apprentices

Student Discounts:

To qualify as a student for the purpose of council tax discount or exemption, a person must be either:

  • Undertaking a full-time course of higher education with a prescribed educational establishment (the course must last at least one year and involve at least an average 21 hours per week for at least 24 weeks in the year)
  • Under 20 years of age and undertaking a course which lasts more than three calendar months and involves at least 12 hours per week

In addition, the person must supply a council tax certificate issued by the college or university. Please note that a certificate of enrolment or a notification of grant award letter is not acceptable.

Apprentices Discount:

To qualify as an apprentice a person must be:

  • Employed for the purpose of learning a trade, business, profession, office, employment or vocation
  • For that purpose, undertaking a programme of training leading to a qualification accredited by the National Council for Vocational Qualification or the Scottish Vocational Education Council
  • Employed for a total salary or allowance (or both) substantially less than the salary he or she would be likely to receive if he or she had achieved the qualification in question and no more than £196 per week