Key Decisions and Cabinet Notices

Schedule of Key Decisions

The schedule contains details of key decisions to be taken by the council's Cabinet, together with details of the documents submitted for consideration.

What is a Key Decision?

A key decision is a Cabinet decision which is likely to:

  • Result in the council incurring significant expenditure or making significant savings
  • Be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area

We are guided by the Secretary of State in determining the meaning of "significant" for the purposes of the above.

Key decisions must be made in accordance with the requirements of the Cabinet procedure rules as contained in Part 4 of the council's constitution.

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Cabinet Notices

The rules for the decision making process of the Cabinet and officers require under certain circumstances the publication of formal notices. Generally notices have to be published if it is intended that meetings or parts of meetings of the Cabinet are to be held in private and on those occasions where a key decision needs to be taken but it is not possible to include the details of the decision in the schedule of key decisions 28 days prior to the decision being taken.

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