You are able to address, comment, ask questions or submit a petition at meetings of the cabinet, the council and its committees (excluding the Planning Committee and the Overview and Scrutiny Committees as they have their own arrangements for consulting with the public) prior to the passing of a resolution to exclude the public.


•  You must give written notice to the Member Services Department by 10am on the last working day before the Meeting date (i.e. 10am Wednesday for a Meeting on Thursday)
•  You must live or work in the borough

What will happen at the meeting?

•  At the meeting you must sit in the public area and will be invited to speak by the chairman at the appropriate time at the meeting
•  Your address, comments or question must relate to an item on the meeting agenda and will be limited to three minutes
•  You will not be allowed to enter into any debate
•  In exceptional cases (relating to matters on which the executive, the council or its committees are required to act in a quasi judicial manner) it will not be possible to allow an address, make comments or ask questions
•  The Mayor (or chairman) has overall responsibility for the smooth running of the meeting and has the final decision on procedural matters

More information on speaking at a public meeting or submitting a petition can be found at the following links:

Apply to Speak at a Council Meeting

Filming and recording of council meetings

You are able to film, audio record and take photographs of council meetings following publication of 'The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014'. The council has issued guidance on filming and recording at public meetings.

Councillor complaints

If you wish to question or comment upon the conduct of individual officers or procedural matters, this should be done through the council's complaints procedure. If you wish to complain about an elected councillor this should be done through the councillor complaints procedure.

Where can I find out dates of meetings?

View a list of upcoming meetings.

Contact Member Services on 01233 330564, email the Member Services Team or write to us at:

Member Services
Ashford Borough Council
Civic Centre
Tannery Lane
Kent TN23 1PL

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure which meeting your comments should be addressed to.