Flag Flying

There are three flagpoles at the Civic Centre, and are numbered as follows when looking at the Civic Centre: the one closest to the building is number 1, the middle number 2 and the one furthest from the building number 3.

Flags are flown from 8am until dusk Monday to Friday, and will usually be:

Flags flown Monday to Friday
Flagpole 1 Flagpole 2 Flagpole 3
 Union Flag Ashford Borough Flag Empty

Fixed flag flying days

Following council approval, regimental flags may be flown at the Civic Centre (on regimental days only) for those regiments who have been or are granted the Freedom of the Borough along with the flag for Armed Forces Day.

Regimental flag flying dates
Date Occasion Flagpole 1 Flagpole 2 Flagpole 3
 16 May Albuhera Day  Union Flag Ashford Borough Flag Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment flag
 25 June - 30 June Armed Forces Day  Union Flag Ashford Borough Flag Armed Forces Day Flag
 19 July Intelligence Corps Regimental Day  Union Flag Ashford Borough Flag Intelligence Corps Flag
 3 September Merchant Navy Day  Union Flag Ashford Borough Flag Red Ensign
 4 December St. Barbara's Day  Union Flag  Ashford Borough Flag 133 Field Company REME (V) flag

In accordance with guidance from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Union flag will be flown all year round in addition to the designated fixed flag flying days.

For more information email Member Services, or telephone 01233 330564.