Single person discount

If only one adult lives in a dwelling as their main residence, we will reduce the charge by 25%.

If someone is working away from home or on holiday, it will not usually count as a change of residency and a discount cannot normally be applied if just one person remains in the household in such circumstances.

Apply for council tax single occupancy discount.

Cancel your existing single person discount.

Disabled band reduction

If there is a disabled person living in the property, you may be able to claim a reduction in the amount of council tax that they pay. If certain conditions are met, the council tax bill could be reduced to that of a property in the next lowest band. Since 1 April 2000, an equivalent discount is also available for homes in band A. For a reduction to be made the disabled person must:

  • Live in the property but does not have to be the person liable to pay the council tax bill
  • Use a wheelchair or a second bathroom or kitchen or an additional room in the property; this room must be essential or of major importance to the well-being of the disabled person because of the nature or extent of his or her disability

If you have adapted to your property for a disabled member of your household you may qualify for a reduction.

Apply for disabled band reduction.

Unoccupied and unfurnished properties - prescribed Class C discount

To qualify for this discount, the property must be both unoccupied and substantially unfurnished. The discount is 100% and runs from the date that both of these conditions apply and lasts for a maximum period of six weeks or until the conditions cease to be met. The six week period relates to the property. If there is a change in liable person, the new liable party is only entitled to the remaining part of the six week period, as appropriate. If the property remains unoccupied and unfurnished after the six week period has elapsed, the full council tax becomes payable.

If the property becomes empty and unfurnished again then the six week period of discount may start again once the premises have been occupied for a period of more than six weeks.

A newly built property, which is unoccupied and substantially unfurnished, attracts 100% discount from council tax for up to six weeks. The discount begins from the date that the property is considered to have been completed.

Please note that should a property remain empty and unfurnished for a total period of two years or more, then from 1 April 2019 a 100% surcharge is added to the Council Tax. Previously this was a 50% surcharge.

Apply for prescribed class c (unoccupied/unfurnished property) discount.

Unoccupied property requiring or undergoing major repairs/structural alteration - prescribed Class D discount

A property which requires major repair work to make it habitable may be eligible for this discount. Each case is decided upon the facts relating to the physical condition of the property and the nature of the work that is needed. This discount can only apply for a period of up to 12 months. This discount ends if the property becomes occupied or furnished. Before this discount can be allowed, a visit will be made by a visiting officer to confirm if it applies.

Please note, if you are resident in a mobile home or touring caravan within the grounds of the property whilst works are carried out, the mobile home/touring caravan is deemed to be an extension to the property. As such, you will not qualify for the uninhabitable discount.

Major repair works include structural repairs. The following types of repairs are included:

  • Major repairs to roof structures 
  • Rebuilding defective chimney stack(s)
External Walls
  • Rebuilding external walls, for example to extend the property
  • Repair/renewal of foundations
  • Underpinning substandard foundations
  • Replacing defective solid floors
  • Replacing defective floor joists
  • Property totally gutted including removing most internal walls
  • Replacing defective ceiling joists
  • Rebuilding defective walls

The types of repairs and alterations listed below will not qualify a property for an uninhabitable property discount:

  • Plumbing or heating
  • Replacement/repairs of bathroom and kitchen or any other fitting/fixtures
  • Rewiring
  • Timber or damp proof treatments
  • Re-plastering (walls or ceilings)
  • Drainage
  • Repairs or renewals of services
  • Maintenance, for example re-pointing, window/door replacement
  • Redecoration

Apply for prescribed class d (unoccupied property undergoing major repairs/alterations) discount.

Annexe discount

With effect from 1 April 2014 the government introduced legislation to allow 50% discount on annexes if the person living in the annexe is related to the liable party of the main dwelling. In addition this reduction applies if the annexe is being used in conjunction with the main dwelling. Any premiums or discounts will be applied in the first instance, and then the additional annexe reduction will be granted accordingly.

i.e. 1 adult resident (as a relative), single person discount of 25%, reducing the charge due to 75%. The annexe discount will reduce this charge by half, resulting in the charge due of 37.5%.

If you believe you are entitled to this as the annexe is occupied by a family member, apply for an annexe discount.

Please provide supporting documentation to prove the relationship i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate. If these are not available, or do not prove the relationship, please provide a written statement confirming the relationship that should be signed by the owner/s of the annexe and the recipients/s of the discount.

If you wish to apply for this discount on the grounds that it is used as living accommodation to the main dwelling, please email us with details so that an inspection of the annexe can be arranged. Please email details to

Flooding relief

Please visit the flooding page for full information.

Information on other discounts is available on the discounts and disregards page.