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Rules On Houses In Multiple Occupation

A HMO is a house with five or more people in it made up of two or more families. If you are living in a HMO you will need a licence to run it.

You also need to know there are minimum space standards for bedrooms within HMOs:

  • Rooms sleeping one adult must be no smaller than 6.51m²
  • Rooms sleeping two adults must be no smaller than 10.22m²
  • Rooms slept in by children aged 10 or young must be no smaller than 4.64m²

If you are living in a HMO and have a room that does not meet these standards, the council can give you up to 18 months to make the changes needed. The landlord of the HMO must also make sure you have suitable bins for the storage and disposal of rubbish.

Landlords are required to apply for a licence – this costs £563.71.

If you do not licence your HMO you could be fined up to £30,000 and face criminal prosecution.

For more information on the changes and to make an application, email our private sector housing team.

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